Technical informationΒΆ

Bulk Reviewer is an Electron (Node.js + Chromium) desktop application with a Vue.js frontend built using Buefy UI components and the electron-vue boilerplate.

Backend functionality is provided by a Python 3 script which is packaged and included in the built application. This backend script handles calling bulk_extractor as a subprocess, post-processing bulk_extractor feature files and associating features with their respective source files, and creating the Bulk Reviewer JSON output file and handing it to the frontend. This same backend script is called with the --export flag and additional arguments to manage file exports. Bulk Reviewer uses the icat tool from Sleuth Kit to carve files from disk images for file exports.

The Bulk Reviewer backend includes some modified code from the public domain bulk_extractor and DFXML codebases, including code written by Simson Garfinkel and Alex Nelson, to parse DFXML, annotate bulk_extractor feature files, and associate features with their respective source files.